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We have a great set of trainers available on the site, see below for a list of some of our featured members.


I have over 9 years experience in the fitness industry and have trained a whole range of clients from ‘at-home mums’ to ‘movie stars’ and everyone in between. I am currently working with Simon Pegg on ‘Mission:impossible 6’.

I have a real passion for fitness and nutrition and feel blessed to be able to do this for a living! Working together with clients, helping them achieve their goals, improve their body and health gives me such a buzz.


I’m a certified Personal Trainer based in Hertfordshire who is committed and passionate about changing lifestyles for the better. I can help clients achieve their goals, whether it’s to lose weight, tone up, increase stamina, build muscle and most importantly; increase confidence. I encourage, motivate and advise clients to reach where they want to be and gain the body they want.


Hi everyone, I am Marios, a Friendly and experienced, level 4, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, based from Arnos Grove in North London. My aim is to open up the amazing world of health and fitness to everyone, regardless of your age, fitness level or experience in keeping active. I am a gay friendly personal trainer.

With my 8 years experience, supporting many clients to meet their health and fitness goals, you’ll be with the right trainer, working as a team, to progress towards your own personal goals.


In short, I understand what it’s like to be out of shape and unfit, I did something about it and have since gone on to help train countless clients to achieve their goals, for some that is improved fitness, for others weight loss and for many more their first 5k,10k and even marathons.


I am an International Rugby player, so have always been driven to achieve my goals, including getting fitter, faster, stronger and leaner. I’ve been PT’ing for 3 years and have helped my clients achieve their goals from young athletes to huge weight loss! I also have a lot of knowledge injury rehab, particularly knees and shoulders. I have a degree in Sport and Exercise where I did a lot of work on Nutrition.


Having been overweight most of my life, I understand how daunting exercise can be. I hit a peak of 18 stones in 2012 and didn’t feel like my physique matched who I was inside. I decided to give myself 4 months to transform my body!

I lost 6 stones and felt incredible with what I had achieved, the feeling was so incredible I just wanted to help others achieve the same results that I had.

My approach is friendly and calm. I am here to help you if you would like to help yourself!


My training looks to enhance your current movements through a variety of principles which including resistance, boxing, pilates, yoga. I also use additional manual therapy such as massage, acupressure and pain management treatments to augment your session. In return I will restore the body, instead of wearing it out.

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