How to Love the Burn - For Trainers


It costs nothing to register and start posting deals. Love The Burn takes 25% of the fee you charge for your session, but only when the session is booked. If it isn’t, you don’t pay a penny. No other fees are charged, making it easy for you to calculate what you get.

The Deal

The location of the posted session is up to you. We know that some PT’s have studios at home that they use, others are happy to travel to a client. Therefore, you simply tell the burner where they can meet you. The price you offer your session at is up to you. At Love The Burn we want to really encourage people to take you up, and so most of our trainers offer a discount of 30-50% on their usual session pricing.

Qualifications and Insurance

You’ve worked hard for your qualifications, and so it’s only fair that we help you flaunt them! It is also a great way for Burners to match with PT’s that suit their personal fitness and weight loss goals. At Love The Burn, we also insist that all trainers that are available through the site have full and appropriate insurance to protect both them and our Burners.

Profile and Posting

You can go from registration to posting deals in minutes. We thoroughly recommend that you take enough time to really describe why you’re an excellent personal trainer, and why Burners should use you. The more comfortable people feel, the more likely they are to grab your session.

Three Strikes

We’re reasonable people, and Burners are too. Things come up from time to time, and sessions may have to be cancelled at late notice. However, don’t make a habit of it. In order to maintain the integrity of Love The Burn, if a trainer fails to fulfil three sessions without reasonable notice, they will be unable to continue using the site.