FAQs for Trainers

Yes, as long as no one has booked the session, you can change any of the details of your posted session.

As long as no one has booked the session, you can cancel it and clients searching for a session will no longer see it. If a Burner has already booked the session, it can only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances. If this is the case, you’ll need to let us know straight away. You will still be charged 25% of the session value.

Yes. Burners won’t be able to book a session until their registration is fully complete, and this includes the PAR-Q and a questionnaire that will tell you their training goals, current fitness level and training preferences.

The Burners will complete a questionnaire that you can see on the website that will tell you their current exercise regime, fitness level and training objectives.

No. You simply need to make clear in your post where your session is to take place and what equipment you will be supplying. You can do a workout in a local park or you can specify if you only want to hold sessions at the client’s location.

There’s no set time limit for a posted session. Most are an hour, but it is up to you what duration you’d like to offer.

If this happens, please let Love The Burn know as soon as possible. The Burner will still be charged, and you will receive your fee. In exceptional circumstances, the Burner may be refunded their money. This will be at the discretion of LTB and with discussions with the Trainer.

FAQs for the Burners

This is up to the Trainer with whom the booking has been made. Anyone you take along must have registered with Love The Burn, completed a health questionnaire and training preferences questionnaire. They will usually make it clear in the details of the deal if it is open to multiple Burners.

If your gym allows this then yes but you will need to check with them first. Some gyms won’t and some might charge you to take in a guest, in which case you’ll need to pay this directly to the gym. If your gym does allow PTs to work in their space then simply choose ‘I want the trainer to come to me’ when searching for deals and use the gym address.

During the registration process, you’ll be asked to answer some questions about your fitness levels, things you like to do and things you don’t. This will contain all the vital details that the Trainer will need to plan a great workout tailored for you. It is very important to ensure this is kept up to date in order to make sure you get the most out of every Love The Burn session. The trainer will get this form before you turn up so that you don’t waste any time in your session and can get on and have a great workout.

Yes. When trainers register with Love The Burn they register they are asked to list their qualifications and we check their certificates. You can see these on their profile page.

Yes, appropriate insurance is essential to work with LTB. We ask all the PTs to prove they have industry standard insurance.

Yes. When you book a session, you can add notes for the trainer at checkout. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are physically able to undertake a session. Should an injury occur after a session is booked, but before it has started, it is your responsibility to inform the Trainer and LTB. Depending on when the cancellation is made, you may still be charged.

Yes. When searching for a deal just select ‘I’d like the trainer to come to me” and only trainers who are prepared to travel to your location will turn up in your search.

Yes. When searching for a deal just select ‘I’d like the trainer to come to me” and use the postcode of the park where you want to work out. At checkout you can add specific details such as ‘by the tennis courts’ so you know where to meet the PT.

No, and if you feel that you have been, you must let Love The Burn know and we’ll have a word with the trainer.

No. Love The Burn takes your payment from your credit card using our secure payment partners and pass it on to the trainer. Please do not give any money directly to the trainer. If they ask for money, please let us know.

No. This is the reason we request the completion of the health questionnaire and training preference with your registration.

If the Trainer doesn’t fulfil your booking you’ll get a full refund. Love The Burn takes unfulfilled sessions very seriously and will contact the Trainer directly.

This will be at the Trainers discretion and will be dependent on their other commitments. Please ensure you turn up on time and ready to go at the allotted time to maximise your time with the Trainer.

We vet Trainers as much as possible. However, if you feel unsure about having them at your home, we would suggest you find an alternative location for the workout until a time you feel more comfortable.

Yes, we check with the Trainer directly and get confirmation of their usual price as advertised. The price they offer the deal at, is up to them.

Sessions are usually available up to two weeks in advance.

Sorry, this one is a no. Because many of the deals are last minute, once a session is booked, it can’t be cancelled and we can’t give a refund.

Normally no. However, if you feel there are exceptional circumstances please contact us.

If you are late then you will only be able to use the amount of time left in the session.

If you feel that you would like to continue with your Trainer, then yes, you can book additional sessions with them. However, the Trainer is under no obligation to offer these sessions at the same rate as that purchased through LTB.

We recognise that not all Trainers and Burners are a good match. The benefit of Love The Burn is that you can find another Trainer who may suit you better for next time. If you feel that you have been mis-sold a session or the PT doesn’t match their profile, please contact us to discuss your specific situation and we’ll do our best too sort it out.

Customer Care

Please see the ‘Contact Us’ section. We are happy to speak on the phone, by email or by good old mail.

No. The PT will not have access to your email address unless you give it to them. If you feel they are using it inappropriately, please let us know immediately. Love The Burn will never spam you and we will look after your personal data.


Please get in contact with us immediately and let us know the details.

In the ‘My Account’ section of the site, click the ‘EDIT ACCOUNT’ button

Please contact us immediately, and we will check what has happened. Any errors will be rectified.

If you are unhappy with the service you’ve received from a Trainer or Love The Burn, please contact us with the details and we will do our best to make it right. We want all our Burners to be wonderfully happy so will listen to any complaints or feedback and act on it.

The address details for the session are detailed in the ‘My bookings’ section of your account and will be emailed to you.