Why I love lovetheburn.com

As a Personal Trainer running my own business, I know how difficult it can be to attract new clients.


Over the years I’ve tried lots of different ways to grow my client base – with varying degrees of success.


The only thing I can guarantee is that there are no guarantees. Relying on word of mouth is slow and out of my control.  Advertising can be expensive and doesn’t always give great results.  Online marketing – well, that’s just not my thing and I can’t afford to pay someone else to do it for me.

I’m an active person and always like to be busy so I find quiet periods and empty slots in my diary frustrating and demoralising.  When I have client cancelations it often leads to down time and lost revenue – especially when they cancel at the last minute.


That’s why we’ve set up Love The Burn


That’s why we’ve set up lovetheburn.com – a unique platform that helps Personal Trainers to grow their business.


It’s a really simple model.  If you have an empty slot in your diary, simply logon to lovetheburn.com and publish a session with the time and your location.


Within seconds, hundreds of Love The Burn members near you and looking for a good workout will be able to see your session.


We want lovetheburn.com to be the place clients come to when looking to get into Personal Training or when experienced fitness enthusiasts and athletes are looking for a hard workout with a new PT.  So to encourage that – the only thing we ask is that the sessions you upload are offered at half your normal price or less.  It’s free to publish your deal and love the burn will take payment from your client and transfer the money straight to your bank account.


When a client books a deal with you, you will be able to see their health and training history, fitness goals and objectives.  That way you can get on and start your work out, making the most of your free slot and impressing your new client.


lovetheburn.com Pricing


lovetheburn.com has two price options.


1. £5 for each training deal that a client books with you and a maximum of 20 deals per month. It’s free to publish your deals so if no one takes your offer, there is no cost to you.


2. Monthly subscription of £15 to publish as many deals as you want. There is nothing to pay when a client books a deal.


There is no long term commitment so you can cancel your subscription to lovetheburn.com at any time.


After their first session with you, if the client wants to book more sessions, they can do that with you directly and there is nothing to pay Love The Burn.


At Love The Burn, we want good, happy trainers with profitable businesses.  If you’re happy and we can help you grow, then we know you’ll come back for more clients when you need them.


What Love The Burn offers Personal Trainers


Increased revenue by filling gaps and cancellations in your diary

Introductions to new, local clients

Freedom to determine the rate you charge clients

Ability to publish deals quickly and have them visible by potential clients in minutes

Have your profile viewed by hundreds of motivated people searching for ‘Personal Trainers Near Me’

Publish a deal and give a workout wherever you are in the UK

Love The Burn handles the payment from the client and passes this straight to your bank account

No charge if the deal is not taken by a user

Flexibile pricing options and no long term commitment


For more information fill in the contact form here or drop us an email at hello@lovetheburn.com any time.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.