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This time out, Pierre Cunsamy talks about something many people don’t think about, but we all do.


Its least spoken about when it comes to training, but i’d say it’s the most fundamental and powerful thing, when you know when and how to use it.

Why do we breathe?

  • It keeps us alive
  • It re-energises our cells, helping to transport blood
  • It allows us to take action

So why do we some people struggle to do exercise when it becomes hard? Is it over thinking the task or is it their breathing?

Try this now:

Close your eyes, sit down slowly and then stand up with your eyes closed.  Can you describe how that felt?

Now do the same thing with your eyes open.

Now try it with your eyes closed again, but this time inhale at the bottom and exhale fully on the way up. Try to control the exhalation so it covers your whole movement up. Now describe how that felt?

This little experiment should, if you’ve connected your breath with movement, allow the connection of muscles with breath volume to aid brace in your body.  This is key when you have stress applied to the body being physical weight or even mental weight of pressure with everyday living.

So what I am trying to give you here for free, that you can relieve physical and mental stress through breath.

If you would like a free teaching of this please feel free to contact me.

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