Signs you’re ready to get yourself a personal trainer!

Many people would like a personal trainer, someone to motivate them in their exercise goals and keep workouts interesting to avoid the monotony of the same old gym workout time and time again. However, most people don’t end up with one for a few reasons, but principally cost and unsure about how to find one that would work for them.


This is an area that lovetheburn have looked to address, a service that allows personal trainers to fill their empty slots by enticing people with great deals. The benefit of the site is that it allows people to either find a trainer they click with, or mix it up by seeing a different one every week; it’s win-win for both trainer and ‘burner’.


It works by allowing the person seeking a trainer, or ‘burner’ as they call them, putting in their search criteria, and then seeing who is nearby with a slot that works for them. From then on, the workout’s your oyster…well you know what we mean! have come up with a number of signs that may suggest you’d benefit from a personal trainer;

You’re recovering from an injury


This is one I have too much personal experience with, having had knee surgery, hernia operations and more ankle ligament damage than is fair.


It is easy to rush back after injury, you feel it is getting better and therefore you try to get back into your known work out. This can be a huge mistake, and the advice of a trainer can certainly benefit your recovery and the long-term chances of avoiding aggravating an injury again. Their skill will be in slowly re-introducing appropriate exercises and sessions to get you back up to full strength.

It is easy to rush back after injury, you feel it is getting better and therefore you try to get back into your known work out

You need to get off your plateau


I’ve seen a number of people who go to the gym regularly and will do the same workout over and over again. You have to admire their persistence, but their body will not be getting the true benefit that would come from varying things more.


A trainer can watch you train, see what works well and identify areas that you could improve on to make significant steps in your fitness journey. This can help avoid your body getting too familiar with your work outs, so you’re constantly challenging in a way that you’ll benefit from.

Its time to run, step, or cycle away from an ‘over-cardio’d’ workout


Don’t get me wrong, cardio has its place in everyone’s fitness regime. However, there are many people who rely solely on their chosen cardio to burn calories and stay fit.


Introducing a trainer to your workout can breath new life into it, and help see the benefits of a properly targeting strength program to compliment your cardio sessions. You’ll burn more calories and likely see improvement in your cardio performance compared with doing cardio alone.

Training for a big challenge


Team events such as ‘tough mudder’ are becoming hugely popular, and putting in the right training can really benefit you on the day. Taking it a step further, if you’re looking to do an endurance event such as a marathon, it is essential to approach your training in a sensible, tailored way to work your body up to what you want it to do.


On a different scale, you may also want to set goals for lifting, body mass or other such things. All of which will be aided with a professional by your side.

Mr or Mrs Motivator


Simple one really, sometimes we’re not motivated, and we struggle to really push. This is where having a trainer; someone to hold you accountable can really work wonders. Having a set appointment is harder to ignore, compared with saying “I really need to get to the gym today”.


They will also ensure you work harder and push yourself when you didn’t think you could!