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The UK Fitness Industry seems in good health, shame the nation isn’t!

Estimates put the value of the UK fitness industry at over £4 billion…and it’s showing no signs of slowing as that figure is expected to grow. A report in 2014 suggested year on year increases of 3.9% in value.

Despite these growth figures, the overall health and well-being of the nation seems not to be improving, in fact, it is getting worse. The UK currently tops the EU’s ‘obesity league table’, and leaving the EU won’t change this!

Love Island….light hearted but body shaming?

The people who make the show select people that are stereotypically ‘fit’, in every sense of the word. All the contestants could be considered attractive; with the guys all well toned with six packs and the ladies slim, toned with nice bums and breasts. There is a mixture of characters to go with the bodies, with many of them showing the naivety there age allows, that they bring out while walking around wearing very little and looking almost too brown from their sun tans.