Building Your Brand

You have a choice in any business; you can be one of the many offering the same type of service or product in the same way and hope that there is enough of a market in your area to sustain you and everyone else who is doing the same thing. Or, you can set yourself apart from the masses and create something that is unique to you.


So how do you go about this?


Firstly you should start with what you are passionate about, if it is something you’re going to be known for then it has to resonate with you. What drove you to get into the industry in the first place;  a love of Crossfit, kettlebells, Olympic lifting or just helping people get fit? What inspires you when you are coaching your PT clients? Is it getting people ready for their holiday, a competition or just giving them their bodies back? Taking the time to see what you love about PTing and what you want to be known for will really help you grow your business.


Next do your research. Look at what everyone in your area is doing? What is popular in your area, what things are missing, how is everyone else building their brands?  Look at how people in your area of expertise promote themselves across all social media, websites and any other advertising. The more you see how others are doing it especially the successful ones you’ll have more of an idea on how you should approach your own branding and marketing.


Once you know what your brand is then you get to tell everyone about it. Start by making sure you have a website or at least a Facebook business page and fill it with content; videos, blogs, articles all relating to your chosen speciality. When someone sees you on any of the social media platforms, sees a flyer or gets recommended by a friend they need to be directed to somewhere that looks professional and shows how good you are at what you do.


Then you need to take the time to do the building, get involved on Facebook groups related to your area, write blogs, post videos across all platforms all showing you as the expert in your chosen field. Run some targeted Facebook advertising making sure it’s all about giving content and not a sales pitch. The days of just sending a flyer through every door in your area are over, that has its place but has to be combined with getting your content and therefore your brand out to the market.


There’s very little cost involved in building your brand in this way the main investment is your time but it’s worth it to set yourself apart from everyone else.


‘You must be willing to do the things today others don’t do in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have’.