About Love The Burn

We are a group of friends that love working out, exercising and playing sport. It’s what we do for fun.

We want everyone to have access to the best Personal Trainers and classes near them so they can enjoy working out as much as we do. We believe there is a better way to find a good PT, or search for the best clubs and classes. We know there is an easier way to fit a workout into your schedule – no matter where you are or when you want to train. That’s why we built Love The Burn.

We wanted to build a community of people that love working out, love the feeling they get after a good training session and love getting the best workout possible.

Today, Love The Burn is a slick and easy to use platform for finding the best Personal Trainer to suit your exercise needs, location, time and budget.

Welcome to Love The Burn. Welcome to the Future of Fitness.